Creating An Exciting Tradeshow Marketing Booth Using A Prize Wheel

Creating An Exciting Tradeshow Marketing Booth Using A Prize Wheel

It’s a given – People love prizes and free giveaways. It’s commonly known in the marketing world that a free gift incentive encourages shoppers to spend more than they would if the free gift weren’t available.When creating a tradeshow marketing booth, nothing encourages attendance like a prize wheel that attendees can spin to win a free gift. Tradeshows are normally full of booths all clamoring for attention and nothing will make your tradeshow promotion booth stand out like a free giveaway.

Creating An Exciting Tradeshow Promotion Booth

It’s easy to create an ineffective tradeshow marketing booth. Anyone can create a sign and place it on a display board. The trick is building a booth that’s eye catching and quickly highlights your company’s name and services. It’s a good idea to hire a graphic designer to create a professional looking display.

Your booth will most likely be one of hundreds potential customers will walk by. A professional looking tradeshow promotion sign is the first step, but something like a large prize wheel will definitely get your booth noticed. If you trade a business card for a chance to spin the wheel, you’ll capture sales leads as your potential customers win a tradeshow marketing prize.

What To Give Away As Tradeshow Promotion Gifts

1000s of Custom Logo Imprinted Trade Show Giveaways at Discount Prices! Promotion Store.comTradeshow marketing giveaways can be as large or as small as you’d like. The key point is to make the giveaways relevant to your business and the area the tradeshow is in. Attending a tradeshow in Las Vegas? Forget about ice scrapers. Nearly everyone enjoys promotional giveaways like coffee mugs, tote bags, t shirts, pens and post-it notes.

It’s a good idea to have one large prize giveaway. Good ideas are cash, restaurant gift cards, or one of your own products. Offering a certain amount of money off of a future purchase with your business is a great idea. It’s something that only gets used if you make a sale and could encourage a new customer to place their first order.

Where To Find A Prize Wheel For Your Tradeshow Marketing Booth

The more tradeshows you attend, the more use you’ll get out of a prize wheel. Prize wheels can come in many sizes and are fully customizable, meaning you’ll be able to tailor your tradeshow marketing giveaways to specific tradeshows. Prize wheels can even be printed with your company’s logo on it for even more company visibility.

It’s important to find one made of real plywood since most models are made of particle board. If exposed to moisture, these particle board prize wheels can break down and become useless. A wheel made of birch plywood is lightweight, sturdy and you’ll be able to use it for many tradeshow promotions.

Following these steps will help create a professional looking tradeshow marketing booth that potential clients will flock to. A prize wheel proves to be an easy way to create buzz around your booth!

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Jonathan Edelman is a trade show marketing consultant with more than a decade of experience trade show and business marketing arena. Edelman is the creator of Ideas 4 Now, a trade show marketing company and creator of the Blizzard of Dollars Cash Cube Money Machine. In addition to hardcase and inflatable money blowing machines, Ideas 4 Now provides consulting for a variety of industry specific niches including bank marketing, casino marketing, and more.

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