hardcase-money-machineA smart business owner is always looking for creative new ideas to build traffic at the next store event. Whether it’s your first grand opening promotion or one of your regular store promotions, adding an exciting attraction will draw crowds, increase sales, and even generate free publicity.

Ideas4Events offers many different event marketing products for car dealership promotions, trade show marketing, bank marketing, casino event marketing, and more. Across the board, one of our most popular event entertainment products is the money machine or cash cube.

Money Machine Basics

You’ve probably seen money machines at trade shows or other events. Maybe you’ve even used them yourself. The contestant steps into a booth of blowing money and has a limited time to grab as much cash as possible. It’s fun and exciting, and the energy of the event brings curious onlookers over who might not have been planning to visit at all.

Think you can’t afford this promotion? Sure, the high-end hard case money machines have flashing lights, sirens, and customizable displays but there are budget Money Machines other options for the budget-restricted business. Table top cash cubes or inflatable money machines are less expensive choices that still generate huge crowds.

Money Machines Mean Conversions

With a little thought these terrific traffic generators can convert traffic into sales.

The problem with cash is that the customer can have fun at your business, then go next door to spend the money! Instead of cash, fill the machine with vouchers for your business. Not only does this mean the winnings automatically go back into your store, but it gives the customer an incentive to buy. If they leave, they are throwing their winnings away.

Cash vouchers are better than percent-off coupons. Let’s say you offer travel packages that average $1000 each. If a customer grabs a 10% coupon, there is an incentive to buy but not a strong one. It’s still just a piece of paper that has no intrinsic value to the average person’s mind. Replace that coupon with a $100 voucher and suddenly it feels like real money. It’s a lot harder to throw away something that says $100 than something that says 10%.

Combine Promotions For Even More Sales

Instead of letting everyone try the machines, which leads to long lines and frustrated customers, try something like a prize wheel. The customers spin the wheel and the grand prize might be 25 seconds in the cash cube.

If you label every space on the wheel as a prize then all your customers feel like winners. You can be a winner too by making those prizes small promotional items such as coffee cups or t-shirts, all emblazoned with your logo.

The bigger the event, the bigger the attention. A large enough sales promotion can attract the attention of local media, meaning TV and radio promotions that you don’t have to pay for.

Smart business promotion means taking simple ideas and expanding them in new and creative ways. Anyone can find a money machine for rent, but the clever business owner can turn a simple promotional tool into a major sales event.

About the Author
Jonathan Edelman provides exciting trade show marketing ideas, including advice about prize wheels, customizable scratch-off cards, money blowing machines, and other exciting trade show attractions. With years of experience in the trenches, he is an expert on booth displays, lead generation techniques, and networking with trade show vendors. Helping to build a referral-generating system, his ideas continuously lead to a boost in sales and revenue.

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