Product demonstrations can have a significant impact on the level of success you achieve at trade shows. If you can arrange to have Tom Hanks mincing vegetables with your wonder knife you just might attract a crowd. Since that’s probably not going to happen, we have included some tips that can help ensure you have a winning product demonstration.

If your product has moving parts – make them move! By having several people in the booth demonstrating the motions of your product you will attract more attention. If appropriate, add some humor or say things to attract attention.”This was the last item Leonardo De Vinci created.” “Our product is considered to be a must have item for the space shuttle.” Get a little loud and have some fun.

Quick Product Demonstration

People have a short attention span, so try to wrap up the demonstration after about five minutes go by. A short demonstration helps to entice them into wanting more information. Before people leave, try your best, with out being pushy to get the attendees to handle your product.

If you have a superior product, you might want your assistant to quickly demonstrate a competitor’s inferior item and then immediately perform a demonstration with your top-quality item.

Product Demonstration -The Benefits

When showcasing the product, stress the benefits attendees can achieve by purchasing your item. Learning about benefits is typically more compelling than learning just about the features.

During the product demonstration, tell a few quick stories regarding actual customers and the benefits they received from your merchandise. Unique stories work the best.

Make sure the audience you have attracted is rewarded for spending their time watching your trade show product demonstration. Offer them a discount or perhaps a two for one deal. Provide them a giveaway item that is associated with your product.

If you want to be successful, be creative and don’t be shy with your trade show product demonstrations.

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