Trade Show GiveawaysTrade show giveaways are undervalued and underestimated by most exhibitors. The evidence can be found within the trash bins that are scattered throughout the convention hall. The problem is that many exhibitors think promotional items are only useful to the point of attracting attendees to their trade show booths. Nothing could be further from the truth.

While trade show giveaways are incredibly effective for attracting attendees, their value extends long after the convention hall lights have been turned off. Today, I’ll explain how you can squeeze the most long-term value from your trade show giveaways.

Invest In Quality And Durability

One of the most common mistakes that exhibitors make is to offer cheaply-made promotional products to their customers and booth visitors. While low-quality items may represent a smaller investment, they can also tarnish your company’s image. Trade show giveaways that offer high quality and durability are more likely to be kept and used after the event. They normally cost a bit more, but can promote your business long after the trade show. Inexpensive doesn’t need to be “cheap.” If you choose a high quality ad specialties distributor, you can find many high quality, low cost promotional giveaways.

Come Prepared With Multiple Promotional Items

Your trade show marketing budget should allocate funds for quality promotional products, but that doesn’t mean you need to offer the best items to every visitor. Instead, consider coming to the event with two different trade show giveaways. Give the best item to your current customers and most promising leads, and provide the other, lower-cost giveaway to the rest of your visitors. That allows you to conserve your budget while offering a useful promotional item to everyone.

Provide Ongoing Usefulness

Unless your trade show giveaways are useful to attendees, they’ll be discarded at the show or soon thereafter. The more useful it is, the longer your customers, leads, and other visitors will keep them. For example, a paddle-and-ball set with your company’s name, logo, and contact information may seem fun. But, it doesn’t offer any long-term value to attendees; it will probably be thrown away. On the other hand, an imprinted coffee mug can last for years on your customers’ desks.

Leave A Lasting Impression

All of your trade show giveaways should have your company name and logo imprinted on them. They should also include your contact information and marketing message. Too often, exhibitors imprint the name of their business on their promotional items, but neglect to include their phone number. Remember, the goal of your giveaways is to perpetually advertise your company’s name to your customers. Make it as easy as possible for them to get in touch with you.

Quality promotional products can build your company’s image, ingratiate you to the attendees who visit your trade show exhibit, and advertise your business months – even years – down the road. Use the tips above to get the maximum value from your trade show giveaways.

About the author:

Jonathan Edelman provides helpful advice about trade show strategies. With years of experience in the trenches, he is an expert on booth displays, follow up techniques, and using trade show marketing strategies to boost revenue.