trade show marketingIt’s not surprising that some of the hottest trade show marketing trends revolve around capitalizing on new technologies. Technology is one sector of the economy that hasn’t slowed down a bit. As products get smaller, faster, and more widely accessible, these devices have become commonplace on the trade show floor.

As such, many companies are finding ways to integrate these new technologies into their tradeshow marketing products, booths, and displays. At the top of the list are smartphone and tablets.

Demonstrate New Technology With iPads And Smartphones

Many businesses have found smartphones, iPads, and tablets invaluable for demonstrating the capabilities of their new products. However, if your product or service isn’t one that lends itself well to digital demonstrations, you can always set out a few tablets or iPads as part of your trade show display. Stock the tablets with brochures and information about your company and products. The objective in this case is simply to draw passersby to your booth with the lure of playing around with the latest tablets. Once they’re in the booth, making the connection is up to you.

Another way to integrate smartphone technology into your tradeshow ideas is to take advantage of apps. There are even apps created exclusively for tradeshow marketing purposes. Many of these apps provide the user with information about the trade show schedule, exhibitors, product categories, and speaker listings.

Of course, one the biggest benefits to using smartphones and tablets is their ability to keep you connected to your prospects. Attendees and exhibitors can easily stay in contact before, during, and after the exhibition with these communication devices.

The Ultimate Giveaway

Who wouldn’t love to win an iPad? iPad giveaways are a great draw to your booth. Have attendees fill out the entry form and use the time as an opportunity to discuss their needs at the same time. Keep your own smartphone handy so you can enter their information electronically right away.

While you’re embracing new technology, consider expanding your reach with techie giveaways and promotional products. Screen cleaners, portable USB flash drive keychains, and cell phone holders all make great trade show giveaways and integrate seamlessly with your smartphone or iPad-centric display. Not only that, every time a recipient uses the giveaway, your name and contact information will be front and center.

Enhance Your Booth With Interactive Presentations

Smartphones and tablets are also excellent for interactive presentations. From QR Codes to “check in” apps, smartphone technology gives you more control over the information your target audience receives and how they receive it.

Take advantage of this by including QR codes in your booth. A quick scan puts your information right where you want it – in the consumer’s hands. Even if you don’t get a chance to talk to them, the visitor now has some of your most important information handy.

Make sure you “check in” to the trade show. Anyone following your blog, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media content will know exactly where to find you. Even better, create a FourSquare check-in location at your booth. This will drive attendees to your booth via phone GPS – much more reliable than a paper map!

Technology has moved beyond simply meeting our basic needs. It’s now fun and easily accessible. Don’t be afraid to play around with it. Integrating technology into your tradeshow marketing can be a highly effective way to generate buzz and excitement around your product or services.


About the author:

Jonathan Edelman provides helpful advice about trade show strategies. With years of experience in the trenches, he is an expert on booth displays, follow up techniques, and using trade show marketing strategies to boost revenue.


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