Tradeshow Marketing: Answers the Most Critical Questions in Trade Show MarketingAs a leading source of information for tradeshow marketing, we get lots of questions about strategies to from both trade show veterans and those new to tradeshow marketing. We’ve addressed a long list of questions on our frequently asked questions page, but want to highlight some of the most critical in even more detail here.

Is It Worth It For My Company To Incorporate Trade Show Marketing As Part of Our Marketing Strategy?

While this may seem like a question for those new to trade show marketing, veterans may want to read on. Even those who regularly attend trade shows may have lost sight of the purpose for attending the trade show in the first place…

Marketing strategies vary between industries, but nearly any business plan can enjoy greater exposure through tradeshow marketing — if its done correctly.

Attending a trade show just for the sake of attending likely isn’t going to be cost effective. You’ve got to have a clear goal in mind that you want to achieve and have a game plan to achieve that goal.

Since exhibiting is an investment, it is best to prepare thoroughly beforehand. Attend a trade show in your industry or other industry beforehand and view it through new eyes. Which booths get you to stop? Who encouraged you to leave your contact information and how did they do it?

In essence, the answer to whether or not tradeshow marketing is a worthwhile form of advertising for your company is up to you. While television or radio can be a great platform for advertising, an ineffective ad can make for an ineffective campaign. The same is true in trade show marketing. Thinking critically about your goals and then how to reach those goals is the first step toward making trade show marketing a profitable form of marketing for your company.

How Can I Make My Tradeshow Exhibits More Effective?

Each show is unique; tradeshow marketing strategies have to evolve over time. Strategize after each trade show — ask what worked and what didn’t. Conduct follow-up training and engage in brainstorming sessions immediately after the trade show. Bring new team members into the mix with each show to freshen up the energy and ideas — this can lead to an invigorated campaign for the next exhibitions.

Focus on creating a marketing plan before doing booth design, allow crew members to offer their input, and avoid tradeshow exhibits that create a barrier to buyers. Remember to offer training to staff as well, since the people behind the tradeshow exhibits are a vital component of effective tradeshow marketing.

Tradeshow giveaways are also a great way to bring in people to see your tradeshow exhibits. Treasure chests, prize wheels, and scratch cards are particularly effective since they are ways to have visitors interact with your tradeshow exhibits rather than just receiving a handout. Integrating activities with tradeshow giveaways will also make your tradeshow exhibits stand out. Cash cubes, video games, and promotional ATMs are all excellent examples of effective tradeshow exhibits. For a truly unique offering, consider promotional robots, event photography, or promotional inflatables. A well thought out marketing plan can greatly increase your presence not only on the trade show floor, but in your industry.

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