Companies that have successfully leveraged the many opportunities yielded at marketing conventions understand the critical importance of an effective trade show display. Savvy entrepreneurs recognize that their company’s trade show displays are the first (and often, only) thing that will catch the eye of the wandering masses at marketing conventions, and entice them to take a closer look at what their organizations have to offer. With so many competing tradeshow displays at a single event, maximizing an exhibit’s appeal immediately takes a top priority when strategizing for each function.

Trade Show Displays Help Build Your Business Brand And Image

Not only is a company tradeshow display a physical representation of an organization, it also helps establish a business’s overall image and reputation with any of the spectators that meander by during the function. In many cases, an organization’s trade show display will be the only exposure to a brand that attendees receive. That’s why fully optimizing these exhibits plays a critical role in the overall success of companies participating in the convention circuit.

Important Factors To Consider When Designing Your Business’s Trade Show Display

When partnering with a professional design team to create your customized trade show displays, always consider the following components to ensure your company consistently maximizes efforts that will deliver a final product that entices and encourages booth visitors while still remaining as fiscally responsible and efficient as possible.

Image Really Is Everything: It’s no secret that when it comes to tradeshow display success, projected image truly does reign supreme. Always maintain a heavy focus on the look, fit and finish of your final trade show display to ensure it’s as esthetically pleasing as possible. One of the best ways to achieve this? Eye-catching graphics. Bold and vivid trade show display graphics have really come down in price in recent years which means it’s more affordable than ever to use grand scale graphics to look like an industry innovator at the next event. When considering your overall trade show display budget, always opt for the best graphics possible.

Consider Trade Show Display Transport: Various exhibit options deliver an assortment of portability and/or shipping features and requirements. Obviously, smaller booths will be easier to transport, while larger stands may rack up hefty shipping bills. With today’s trade show displays, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Smaller designs still offer ample customization options for maximum impact. Keep a careful eye on the transport specifics of each model to determine which one will work best for your business. Also, always consider the material of each design before making a final decision. Booth durability will play a critical role when shipping these exhibits. Look for high-quality but affordable material options to guarantee the longevity of your business trade show displays without cutting too deeply into the bottom line.

Set Up/Break Down Resources: Before purchasing a tradeshow display, businesses should consider how they will manage booth set up and break down at each event. Will you utilize internal resources or outsource? If using internal employees, how will you handle necessary training? Asking yourself these questions beforehand will help your company decide on the best design for your organization.

Still not sure which style/design will work best for your business and maximize impact? Consider renting a trade show display as a perfect “try before you buy” alternative. Work with a reputable vendor to create a customized look for your organization. You’ll be able to see if the selected model works best for your business, at a fraction of the price.


About the author 

Jonathan Edelman is a trade show marketing consultant with more than a decade of experience in the trade show and conference marketing arena. Jonathan is the founder of Promotion Store, an online ad specialties store offering more than 750,000 imprintable tradeshow giveaway items. Edelman is also the founder of the premier trade show vendors directory Trade Show

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