Trade shows have proven to be one of the most cost effective ways of marketing your business and getting people talking about your products and services. With only 3-5 seconds to grab the attendee’s attention, it is extremely important to have trade show displays that stand out. Now before you start to panic over the cost of your exhibit participation, there are some things that can be done to reduce those costs and stay within your budget.

Use a small trade show booth
Trade Show BudgetWith the right layout and design, a tabletop pop up display can have the same effect as a much larger display system. First thing to remember is an organized booth can create the illusion of a bigger exhibit display. If you have handouts, put them in a literature rack to keep from taking up too much space and looking messy on a table. Also, keep the layout open because it will be more inviting to the attendees. If you are using a table, position it so that your booth visitors can clearly see how to enter your trade show exhibit while still having room to observe your display.

In addition to the layout, your trade show graphics will be one of the first things that will draw in a crowd. You probably have a lot of information you want to relay to everyone who walks by your booth – DON’T. This will only overwhelm these potential customers and cause them to run in the opposite direction. Even if you are new to exhibiting, you should know this is the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish. Simple graphics are much more memorable and easy to understand than over-the-top, busy graphics. Some key things to remember is to only use one or two large photos of your products, no more than a couple short sentences that explains what you do, your contact information, and a font that is easy to read from a couple booths away.

Consider renting a trade show display
If you just want to test the waters and see if conventions are right for you and your company, starting out with an exhibit rental is much less expensive than purchasing a brand new one. These booth displays are perfect if you only plan on attending a couple exhibitions or want to try a certain display before taking the plunge and buying it.

Change the graphics on your current booth display
Making this little adjustment can completely transform your existing trade show exhibit into a completely different one. The graphics on most convention booths can be changed rather quickly and effortlessly for a fraction of what it would cost to buy an entirely new display system. Some exhibit displays can also be used as promotional tools in your office or store, so making this change is a great way to take your booth from the trade show floor to your sales floor.

If you decide you do want to purchase a brand new display system without spending thousands of dollars, there is a variety to choose from that won’t break the bank. By using these tips along with a trade show marketing strategy, you are sure to be a hit at your next event while staying within your budget.


Jonathan Edelman provides helpful advice about trade show strategies. With years of experience in the trenches, he is an expert on booth displays, follow up techniques, and using trade show marketing strategies to boost revenue.