Preparing for a trade show can be overwhelming. But making yourself a checklist and setting realistic goals and completion dates for tasks can be a big help when trying to get it all taken care of an underway. Here is a list of ten essential tips you should be keeping in mind when you are planning your next trade show exhibit.

1. Let there be LIGHT! The proper lighting can really set the mood and draw people in. No one wants to come look at a dim-lit table or stand under alarmingly hot and bright lights. Find a happy medium.

2. Size. Work with your space. Don’t overcrowd your area but don’t make it look like you have nothing to show either. Make yourself aware of the space beforehand and use it the right way!

3. Pick a star. Hire someone that will be the face of your event. If you don’t want to hire an actual person than pick one single item or demonstration to focus on at your booth.

4. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Let’s face it, sometimes things do not go the way we plan. If the main area or item of focus somehow becomes non-useable always have aback up or stand in ready to take it’s place.

5. Make a connection! Have a connection and flow within your booth. Use both demonstrations and technology tying into your message.

6. Make it personal. Try to make sure everyone that comes into your booth has a good experience and try to make it something memorable for them. That is what is most important.

7. Get technical. Keep your booth up to date and interesting.

8. Keep the presentation building. Build your presentation from low key to a big finale.

9. Cover all the angles. Try to see your booth from every persons P.O.V. and think of the state of mind of every attendee.

10. Male it fun! Think about your companies booth through the eyes of the attendee. What will excite them? What would make someone want to buy what you are selling or switch from another provider to you instead?

About The Author:

Shannon Martin is a trade show marketing consultant with more than a decade of experience in social media marketing, small business marketing, and trade show and conference marketing.  She is the lead editor for TradeShowMarketing.Com and lives in Palm Coast, FL.




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