Los Angele’s can breathe a little easier now knowing that the Entertainment Software Association decided to keep their extremely lucrative video game trade show, known more commonly as  E3,  in L.A. until 2015.

This year there were rumors saying the monumental trade show was going to be moving out largely because of a new stadium planned to begin construction near the Los Angeles Convention Center where E3 has been held. But the Entertainment Software Association signed a brand new contract at the end of this month letting the people of Los Angeles know they will be the location for E3 at least for the next three years to come.

Last years E3  show boasted a monumental 30,000 hotel room reservations and had trade show visitors spend more than 40 million dollars while in town. Why such a huge crowd draw? Well, if you don’t know E3 is a yearly expo where game developers and major companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo get to showcase new products and make big announcements about the upcoming holiday season.

E3 started out as a small trade show back in the 70’s but has since grown into a behemoth of a trade show. Attracting viewers of all ages and it is considered one of the hottest expo’s of the year by many industry professionals.  E3 is one of the only trade shows that is broadcasted on several different networks LIVE for the entire 3 days it is in Los Angeles. This year’s E3 expo alone had several large exhibitors in the West Hall, including Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft The majority of exhibitors are located in the South Hall.

With exhibitors like that it is no wonder L.A. was a little worried. But Timothy J. Leiweke , president and CEO of AEG says : “It was the true collaborative efforts and partnership between the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board, Los Angeles Convention Center, hospitality industry, AEG and other stakeholders with the Entertainment Software Association that gave us the ability to negotiate this significant three-year extension with one the city’s most important conventions.”


About the Author

Shannon Martin is a writer for TradeShowMarketing.Com , she lives in Palm Coast, FL.

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