Cash Cube Money Blowing MachineWhenever I attend a trade show, I take a walk across the floor to see the other booths and displays. I enjoy seeing the measures that others are taking to attract business to their trade show booths because it can be a fantastic way to get new ideas. However, more often than not, other booth owners end up asking my advice.

Over the years, I’ve developed a reputation for attracting swarms of traffic to my client’s trade show booths. I’ve sharpened my marketing techniques largely by doing what others neglect to do. When you’ve been in the trade show industry as long as I have, you tend to see what others miss.

Entertainment And Trade Show Marketing

Have you ever noticed how gypsies entertain their crowds? They lure people in with a dazzling presentation. Crowds love to be entertained. I’ve been using this concept for years to attract people to my trade show booths. I’ve encouraged my clients to do the same thing and they’re reporting amazing results.

Entertaining the people who walk by my booths is one of my secrets for dominating trade shows. If you want attendees to stop and take notice of your booth and displays, entertain them.

Thrill Brings The Masses

Everyone loves a game of skill and chance. The mere sight of a high stakes game can quicken the pulse – even if you’re not the one playing! In all my years of successful trade show marketing, cash cube money machines have brought some of the largest crowds I’ve seen. In my experience, they’re one of the most effective tools for attracting attention.

Imagine a compartment that’s about the size of a phone booth. It’s enclosed, but transparent. You can see right through it. Someone stands inside and closes the door behind them. Money, prize vouchers, or coupons – whichever you choose to stock the money machine with – begins blowing wildly through the compartment. Contestants have 30 seconds to catch as much as they can possibly grab and then keep what they catch.

Do you think that spectacle might attract some attention? I’ve witnessed firsthand the powerful lure these money booths can have on trade show attendees. You can find more information about them at

My Trade Show Marketing Advice

The marketing advice that I’m giving you on this blog comes from hard-earned experience. I’ve been honing my trade show strategies for years and I’d like to help you avoid the mistakes I’ve seen other booth owners commit.

Every attendee who walks by your booth represents an opportunity. Take advantage of it. Entertain them and you’ll find your trade show booths drawing larger and larger crowds. Soon, other booth owners may begin asking you for advice!

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