tradeshow relevant ideasHow can you entice trade show attendees to your booth? You could hand out sapphires but that might break the company’s decade budget…You could create a booth featuring Italianate architecture but that might seem a bit too posh. Let’s take a look at some easy trade show promotion ideas you can utilize to compel people to walk into your booth.

One of the easiest trade show promotions is offering free food. Make sure it’s tasty and somewhat unique. (Don’t pass out the standard chocolate chip cookie!) Frankly, nothing beats the aroma of fresh popped popcorn or the visual of an antique popcorn machine. It is not only inexpensive, but also effective marketing. Another excellent choice is custom-labeled bottles of water. Trade show attendees are often thirsty — making a cold bottle of water difficult to pass up!

Trade Show Promotions – Contests

Host a booth contest that offers a noteworthy prize. If the winner receives nothing but a firm handshake it might not be a successful contest. It’s best to offer a prize that is associated with your business, however, a high-tech gadget can also attract attention to your trade show booth. Make sure the attendees have to place their business card in a box or fill out a short form to participate in the contest. You now have more customers to add to your mailing and telephone call list.

Trade Show Promotions – Booth Design

Another way to attract attendees to your booth is to make the booth area comfortable and inviting. Include some chairs and small tables or even a sofa so that people can rest for a bit. Not only will this bring them over to your booth, but it also presents your sales people with ample opportunity to forge relationships and generate leads.

Booth graphics also play a big part in whether or not attendees visit your booth. Make sure graphics are simple and eye-catching. Work with a professional graphics designer whenever possible to ensure your booth graphics are not only nice to look at, but are also an effective part of your overall marketing campaign.

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