Trade Show Display

Interactive, eye-catching trade show booths are an ideal way to quickly increase your company’s name recognition and expand your customer base. Research has shown that vendors have only three seconds to make a strong first impression and grab the attention of trade show attendees. A display with an immediate and profound visual impact will result in a greater number of sales opportunities. Your display reflects your company’s image and mission so it is worthwhile to carefully consider all options, deciding exactly what message you would like to convey about your product quality and services offered.

Trade show displays are available to suit every need, purpose and budget, from simple configurations to elaborately decorated booths featuring custom graphics. Popular options include:

Pop-up Displays

Pop-up displays have folding, lightweight frames. They are traditionally covered with fabric, plastic or vinyl panels which form angled or curved walls. Pop up displays set up easily and quickly (some styles take less than five minutes!), are extremely portable and very affordable.

Tabletop Panels

Tabletop panels are frequently used at smaller events. They are very lightweight and designed to sit on top of tables, which are usually provided as part of the expo’s booth fee. Some tabletop displays consist of three panels, and use Velcro fastening tape to mount headlines and graphics. Both straight and curved tabletop panels, which generally extend from five to eight feet after assembly, are an ideal solution for vendors who must transport their own show materials and have limited booth space or finances.

Pull-up Displays

Pull-up displays are based on a very simple principle – they work like reverse window shades and are highly modular. They are not heavy, easy to transport and are frequently used to complement other displays.

Truss Displays

Truss displays utilize metal truss work and are easily reconfigured, presenting as many trade show booth layout possibilities as the vendor has inspirations. They do not require tools to assemble and are very sturdy, modern and eye-catching. Truss displays are easily contracted or expanded to accommodate even the most challenging booth spaces.

Panel Displays

Panel displays are a series of connected fabric-covered rectangular panels which when joined create a display wall. Panel displays afford flexibility and increased modularity, and can be adapted to address various booth configurations and size challenges.

Banner Stands

One of the most popular forms of trade show displays, banner stands are lightweight, extremely affordable, and set up in less than thirty seconds. They come in many different sizes, heights and styles including hanging banners, retractable stands, non-retractable stands, and scrolling banner stands. These stands are often used in conjunction with other displays to attract traffic from the perimeter of the sales booth and generate excitement about the vendor and the company’s offerings. Banner stands are also available which have been specially engineered to withstand the unpredictable rigors of outdoor venues.

Banner stands are a valuable promotional tool year-round. They can be used for internal company gatherings and traveling sales presentations as well as at trade shows.

Sustainability and Environmental Awareness

If your company is dedicated to green initiatives, there is good news for vendors desiring environmentally friendly displays. Maintaining the same high quality standards there are many options for trade show booths ranging from portable modular displays to in-line display systems. Accessories are also available made with recycled and renewable materials.

Environmentally friendly trade show flooring includes carpet made from PLA fiber materials, available in a variety of colors. This carpeting is engineered to withstand years of heavy trade show traffic yet is 100% compostable and will disintegrate in landfills. Vendors who are committed to sustainability create green branding that follows them to every show and venue.

Turn Prospects Into Customers

Trade show displays are a very effective tool for introducing many potential customers to your company’s products and services. Expo attendees generally make excellent and viable sales leads as they have come to investigate what is being offered in the marketplace. Whether you use pop-up or pull-up displays, tabletop or truss, keep your message direct and simple, and feature your company name prominently. Attractive, user friendly and inviting trade show displays generate a treasure chest of contacts for show participants. Safeguard and nurture these treasures, and you will have a continually growing customer base!