Trade Show Idea Generation Strategies For The Trade Show Organizer

As a trade show organizer, it is your job to assess the competition and to constantly come up with fresh new ideas to draw in the crowds. Researching, planning, and brainstorming from behind your desk can only get you so far. But actually getting out there and walking the trade show like an attendee can spark a wealth of creative ideas.

Blending these sparks of inspiration with your own personal experience and a deep understanding of your target market can lead to powerful trade show marketing ideas.

However, before you head out to this weekend’s tradeshow for inspiration, it’s important that you have a plan of action to stay on task.

Step One: Have A Direction

The best trade show ideas will draw your attention and draw you in. The booth behind them will be fascinating, but it might not be the most fitting relative to your goal at that event. Start by determining what you want to get from the show before it starts. Know what you’re looking to see. Are you seeking new trade show booth design ideas? Are you looking for trade show attraction ideas? Are you looking for creative new lead generation tactics? All of these objectives can be fulfilled at the same event.

Step Two: Be Flexible And Open Minded

If you have the time, seeing the entire show is an excellent experience. Accomplish your original objectives first, but then spend time seeing the trade show ideas on display. All companies should have plenty of information to give you about the products you see, and you’ll be exposed to some very novel ideas. A good trade show organizer plans out the booth with very specific goals in mind. When you tour the full show do you get the full conception of what the designer had in mind.

The best way to see the full range of trade show ideas is by walking the full show twice. First, you should look for companies that appear interesting without stopping. If you stop, you will almost certainly end up talking with a representative. That’s not a bad thing, but it may stop you from seeing other displays that will be even more interesting to you.

Next, take another trip to your picked exhibits and get literature from those that interest you. You should still avoid stopping because it will slow you down. Finally, after reviewing the literature, you should pick which trade show ideas are most compelling, and spend some time at those booths talking with the representatives.

Step Three: Use The Internet To Research Ahead Of Time

Knowing what to expect at any given trade show is one of the most powerful ways to keep yourself on track. If you’re going to a show known for debuting some of the most innovative trade show ideas, you know that you’ll have to work to keep your focus.

Whatever your destination, you will benefit from studying the layout beforehand. Trade show ideas can’t substitute for knowledge, and knowing where you’re going is an excellent idea. If you are particularly short on time, plan a route and don’t deviate from it.