Trade Show Marketing Inspiration from the Convention FloorOne of the most valuable sources of trade show marketing ideas comes directly from the exhibit floor. There is no better opportunity to observe the promotional tactics that work. In fact, your experience while exploring the floor is a key indicator of what your own audience will respond to. Incorporating the ideas that attracted your attention into your own trade show exhibits is a great way to leverage proven tactics.

Below, we’ll take a tour through some of the most effective trade show marketing strategies being  implemented across convention floors. These are strategies that are already being used by successful exhibitors, some of whom may be your direct competitors.

Suit Up To Stand Out

Dress uniformity is appealing to trade show attendees, even if only on a subconscious level. If your employees are wearing clothes that are consistent in color and style, it sends a clear message that they are working together as a team. Plus, not only does that uniformity help to brand your company and support its image, but it also makes identifying your staff easy.

You can take this strategy a step further and coordinate your booth staff’s clothing with the colors of your trade show exhibits. For example, suppose your company logo is lime green. The color is splashed generously across your overhead banners, displays, and other trade show marketing signage. If your employees’ shirts are also lime green, attendees will immediately recognize them as part of your company.

Appeal To The Appetite

Delicious food can transform the most cynical trade show attendee into a raving fan. But, not just any food will do. Candy bars and cookies can sate the hunger of most visitors, but both lack reach. Ideally, you should incorporate food that not only tastes scrumptious, but can also send mouthwatering aromas wafting through the aisles.

For example, customizable popcorn machines can attract attendees from across the convention hall. The aroma of the popcorn is irresistible and draws them to your trade show exhibits. Plus, you can provide customized popcorn bags that carry your logo, marketing message, and contact details.

Take The Higher Ground

A large portion of trade show exhibits fail to make use of the space high above the average attendee’s sightline. Instead, exhibitors often focus solely upon their primary site. Remember, convention halls can be massive. It may be difficult for people to find your booth among the hundreds of other exhibits across the floor.

By taking the higher ground with an attractive hanging display, you can grab attendees’ attention and make it easy for them to find your exhibit in a crowded arena. A triangle, quad, or circular hanging banner can be a perfect complement to a well-designed booth.

Use Promotional Giveaways Wisely

Your trade show giveaways can either be a short-term novelty or a long-term marketing asset. Too many exhibitors invest their trade show marketing budget in promotional items that attendees discard as they leave the convention hall. A paddle-and-ball with your marketing message may seem like a good idea initially, but its long-term value is limited. Invest in high-quality trade show giveaways that your booth visitors will take home and use throughout the year. It’s a cost-effective way to keep your company’s name in front of your audience over the long run.

Inject Interactivity

Hours spent walking the trade show floor can zap the strength of the most enthusiastic attendee. The fatigue is mostly due to a lack of mental stimulation. When attendees visit your trade show exhibits, give them a way to interact. You can use video game attractions or a cash cube money machine to stimulate their senses and inject a dose of interactive excitement into their day. Not only will they have fun participating, but your booth staff will have the opportunity to qualify them as potential leads.

The trade show marketing ideas above are being used by a growing number of exhibitors. As the costs of appearing at trade shows rise, exhibitors are realizing they need to do everything possible to stand out, brand themselves, and attract a wider audience. Often, the best marketing inspiration comes directly from the trade show floor.