Scratch Off CardAfter awhile, all booths can start to look similar to a trade show attendee. Things get overwhelming and they begin to tune out what they’re seeing and hearing. Once that happens, your message can easily get missed or even worse, your booth can get passed over altogether. That’s one reason why it is so important to establish contact with your target audience long before the show even begins.

By reaching out to your audience prior to the show, you’re able to put your business front and center in their minds and give them a little nudge in your direction at the same time. Come trade show time, they’ll remember your name and head over to your booth. People gravitate towards what they know and by then, they’ll know you thanks to your pre-event marketing efforts.

Pre-event marketing pays off big time and fun, promotional products make it easy to get your name out there. One creative way to do this is through scratch off cards.

Scratch Off Cards As A Promotional Product

Scratch off cards sent out ahead of a trade show event or exhibition serve two purposes. They get your name in front of your target audience before the show and they can be used to entice people to visit your booth at the show.

Customizable Display StandOne of the most common ways to do this is to offer a prize, promotion, or discount on the scratch off card. An ‘Official Prize Center’ customized sign at your booth can serve to direct card holders to your booth to find out if they’ve won. The sign can display the prizes & winning numbers, and the excitement from crowd and winners will naturally draw more visitors to your booth. This will drive attendees to your booth and give you at least the amount of time it takes to scratch off the card. Getting a customer to your booth is the hardest part. Once there, take the opportunity to deliver your sales pitch and make a connection with the customer.

Using scratch off cards for pre-event marketing can be used in virtually any industry. Car dealerships, banks and credit unions, radio stations, retail stores, and more can all benefit from using scratch off cards and customized signs to draw a crowd to their promotion destination.

Include The Right Information On Your Scratch Off Cards

The most exciting scratch off card and prize is useless if the recipient doesn’t know where to find you. Make sure you include all pertinent information needed to get them to your booth. At a minimum you should include your booth number and which trade show you’ll be attending.

Studies have shown that the vast majority of trade show attendees have determined ahead of time which booths they want to visit during the show. To ensure you’re on that list, you must get their attention ahead of time. Fun promotional products like scratch off cards may be just the thing to peak their interest and send them in your direction.

Trade show marketing is only effective if it generates interest in your products or services and drives traffic to your booth. The right promotional products coupled with experienced booth staff can make trade shows one of your most successful marketing endeavors.

About the Author
Jon Edelman provides exciting trade show marketing ideas, including advice about prize wheels, customizable scratch-off cards, money blowing machines, and other exciting trade show attractions. With years of experience in the trenches, he is an expert on booth displays, lead generation techniques, and networking with trade show vendors. Helping to build a referral-generating system, his ideas continuously lead to a boost in sales and revenue.