Trade Show BoothIt may be your stunning, well-designed trade show displays that intrigue the attendees to stop by your booth, but it is your staff that will turn that interest into sales. Even if they know the products they are selling like the back of their hand, there are still some nonverbal cues that may cause the attendees to flee from your display in search of one that is more welcoming. Here are several things to take into consideration before hitting the convention floor.

Dress the Part
Having a professional look tells your trade show booth visitors that you are serious about doing business with them. By professional, I don’t necessarily mean wearing a stuffy suit and dress shoes. In most cases, business casual is perfectly acceptable: a button-down shirt with pressed slacks are usually a safe solution. Dressing too casual could make you and your company appear as unprofessional.

Now, choosing the right shoes are the trickiest part of putting together your convention attire. You’ll be standing on a hard floor for hours at a time, which could put a strain on your feet. Your shoes should be comfortable, yet still have a professional look. Another alternative to relieving those aching feet is to add trade show flooring to your display system, since it is padded for a more comfortable feel.

Refrain From Sitting
I know it may be difficult, but standing at trade shows is actually more professional than sitting. Without even realizing it, you may be crossing your legs or arms when you sit, which can send the message that you don’t want to be disturbed. Standing is the only way to make sure you won’t fall into these habits.

Save the Food, Drinks, and Phone Calls for Your Break
If attendees see any of this at your trade show exhibits, they will think you are on a break. If you absolutely need something to drink, keeping a water bottle at your display system is a good idea. Just make sure not to overdo it because you may be stuck at the display system for a long time without being able to take a bathroom break.

Being on a cell phone can have the same effect because it will appear as if you have better things to do than talk to people. It doesn’t matter if you are on the phone with a co-worker or a friend; it still comes across as you not wanting to be bothered. The only time you should be on a phone is if you are making a call to your office or store for a prospective client you met at the event. Other than that, all phones should be kept in your pocket or car.

Let the Attendees Do the Talking
As salespeople, it is our nature to repeat our sales pitch to anyone who will listen. If you are the one constantly doing the talking, you may be missing out on what these potential customers are hoping your products can do for them. Let them talk about what interested them to stop by your booth display and from there, you should be able to direct them into the product that will best suit their needs.

Trade shows are one of the best marketing tools available because they allow you to meet your target audience under one roof. However, sending in the wrong people to manage your convention booth may be hurting your chances of being a success at the event. These employees will be the face of your company at the event, so choose wisely and get excited about your upcoming event!

Jonathan Edelman provides helpful advice about trade show strategies. With years of experience in the trenches, he is an expert on booth displays, follow up techniques, and using trade show marketing strategies to boost revenue.