Tradeshow IdeasInnovative tradeshow ideas are always risky. Fortunately, one of the most effective tradeshow marketing tools popular today is one that also helps your favorite cause. You’ll be able to generate an impressive list of leads and sell more than you thought possible at any conference or trade show if you combine your tradeshow marketing efforts with those of a popular charity. Handled properly, both your company and your favorite non-profit group can come out winners through combined tradeshow marketing efforts.

Creating Positive Buzz With Charity And Business Tradeshow Marketing

Repeated studies and tradeshow marketing research have shown that an affiliation with the right charity can help raise thousands or even millions of dollars for their cause while reinforcing your company’s image as a leader in community involvement. In fact, customers are more likely to purchase a product or service if they know part of the proceeds of any sales will go toward a charity. They’re also more likely to spread the word about your company if your tradeshow marketing literature includes information about the charity you’re supporting.

Charitable Trade Show Marketing On Site

If you’re selling a product or service that can be purchased on the spot, make sure your tradeshow marketing focuses on two important topics: your own products and how your company is contributing to the charity you’ve chosen to support. If visitors to your trade show marketing booth can buy your product on the floor, remind them that they will be supporting a worthy cause. When packaging their purchases or promotional items, be sure you include a flyer with information on the charity as well as your own trade show marketing flyers. Buyers will feel better about their purchases and will be more inclined to be repeat customers if a portion of your tradeshow marketing focuses on the good work being done by the charity and how a percentage of their purchase is helping.

Tradeshow Ideas That Work For Both Businesses And Charitable Groups

tradeshow marketingBefore moving forward with your trade show marketing, be sure you’ve talked to a representative of the charity you’re interested in supporting. You’ll need to ask for permission to use their logo and support their cause. Once you’ve obtained the necessary permission, you should talk to their own trade show marketing coordinator to discuss ways you can link your business and their organization so that you both come out winners.

Some affiliations work better than others. If your company sells cosmetics, your tradeshow marketing could tie in with a breast cancer awareness organization. If you’re marketing water filters, supporting an organization that helps provide clean drinking water to communities in third world countries is a natural fit.

Look for ways to use creative tradeshow marketing that captures the attention of visitors and focuses on your products or services while spotlighting your chosen charity. Demonstrating your newest in-home water filter will have a greater impact if you tell your audience that 5% of every sale goes toward cleaner water for African villages. Don’t forget to give away promotional products that bear both your company name and logo and those of the charity.

Improve Your Business While Changing The World

There have been dozens of studies that confirm what some people already know: the right marketing ideas can increase your sales while helping worthy causes garner more contributions and a higher profile. By affiliating with a charity through your trade show marketing, your company will be seen as a concerned and responsible member of the global community. When potential clients understand the cause you support, they are more likely to become repeat customers because they’ve matched your business with a human face.


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